Belfast > Dublin

After my visit to Belfast, I was lucky enough to spend a few days in Dublin.
It was good to meet up with familiar faces and a few new ones.

I had a real good time there and a real bonus was to paint at the old John Player tobacco factory.
It's closed down now, but now mainly functions as warehouses and one night venues. 
They even have film shoots there. 
It was cool to get a tour there (Thanks John!) and have a look at all these amazing big empty buildings.
Oh if one could only get the permission to paint them all...where to start...

Thanks to all my Dublin people. For the good times and all the free paint!

New friend! 

Kings Of Concrete warehouse.

Had fun on this one. There was an amazing longboard there as well.


Splink to the left.

Loved this one.

Inside the submarine?

Quick little experiment...

Nap time.