Copenhagen > Belfast

Just got back from a great trip to Belfast & Dublin.
 I was invited to paint at the Winter Base event at Ulster Hall. 
Quite an amazing place to paint.
Beautiful surroundings & a great atmosphere.

Had a great time painting there, getting a few (too many) beers and meeting a lot of nice people.

Big up to the organizers Trans Urban Arts 
and all the artists i met there.

Special big up to "the leg watchers"!

More pictures from the event shortly and from my trip to Dublin.

Copenhagen Airport

Ulster Hall by night

Bo130 & Microbo from last year's winter base.

The venue.

My spot.


First day progress.

Winter Base zine release @ Skull Duggery Tatoo

My page.

Marley's Mellow Mood ??

Erosie at work.

Remed at work.

Roid piece.

Ponk piece.

45 Rpm & Howl (What Crew) in Progress...

Four Pence in progress.

From afar.

My finished piece.


Last Guiness before it's off to Dublin...