I got back from Athens recently and finally I have a few minuttes to get this post up.
Athens was absolutely fantastic!
Friendly people, good food and a lot of stuff to see...
...and you can paint in the street without people really minding.
Nice with a bit of sunshine and a few painting sessions.

Big Big Big up to my good friend Dreyk The Pirate for showing us the good spots and times in Athens! far as the eye can see...

Lots of old beatiful buildings.


Drip drip drip...reminded me of a good friend...

A lot of the buildings had my kind of colours...nice!

One of the good places we visited.

Loved all the friendly street dogs!


Acropolis by night.

Even on cars...

There where a lot of really nice big walls in Athens.
A lot of them where made possible by Carpe Diem.

Alexandros Vasmoulakis has a lot of nice pieces up in Athens.
Thanks Alexandros for the pointers!

Nice spot.

In Progress...

From Alexandros' "I've Got You a Date with Botticelli's Nieceexhibition...
Saw some nice pieces by Kaione & Fors.

Roller piece by Eros &

Favorite piece by Dreyk.


Nice wall by Woozy, Nunca, Osgemeos & Nina.

Amigos Crew!

The pieces i painted in Athens...


...and the posters i put up.

Last piece together with Dreyk.