South America > São Paulo III

The perfect way to spend a sunday

On our last day in Sao Paulo we were invited out to Artur and his family (friends of Askim) for a barbecue. But not your normal  burgers and sausages type jam. It was much much better than that! Artur and his family are of japanese descent and they introduced us to a traditionel japanese barbecue on their terrace in the good company of Artur, his wife Tatiana and their 3 children, both of their parents and Arthurs brother's family as well. 

The menu was quite simple consisting of small pieces of beef, sliced vegetables and rice  - and plenty of it! Tjek out the photo! I think there was maybe 3 or 4 kilos of meat! The meat and veg are cooked a few handfulls at a time in a pan on the table. While still cooking everybody just grabs pieces from all sides with chopsticks and dips them in one of the two homemade soy/lime or soy/chili/garlic sauces. It was gorgeous! And there was pickled ginger, onion and beetroot to go with it. The food just kept on coming as more meat and veg were constantly added to the pan. It is a very casual and social way to eat.   

Artur and his wife Tatiana were the best of hosts! Besides the food they constantly offered us homemade fruit caipirinhas made with sake instead of cachaça....and beer...and softdrinks...and homemade sweetcorn/coconut cake....and icecream.

And Artur even let the guys paint over the roof of their garage. A a hot and a slightly akward spot to paint as they only had a ladder to make sure the roof could carry the weight.  

When the guys were done painting we were invited to stay for dinner (more food so soon already!)...and after that icecream again - but there is always room for icecream.
Artur even drove us home which saved us the 1 hour + transport by bus and metro.

I cannot think of a better way to spend a sunday. Thank you so much Artur and Tatiana! 


Leandro and Lucas giving the orders...
"Come on! Paint a fish!" "Are you using pink??? That's girly!"

Artur, Tatiana and wee Lincoln.