South America > São Paulo II

Every morning we wake up to a mostly clear sky. During the day the it gets scorching hot (judged by Danish standards). And almost like clockwork, every afternoon we get a tremendous thunderstorm with the heaviest rain which floods the streets for a little while after. I think I have seen more lightenings in the 2 weeks here than I have in all of my life so far. It is quite fascinating.


Yesterday we went to see the winners parade from the carnival of São Paulo. There was a contagious  atmosphere of pure carefree happiness and it was impossible to not be absorbed in it. We had really good seats right on the side of the parade and could see the immense amount of deatails in every single costume and in the huge and beutiful floats. 

Huge props to the samba school with the Dungeons and Dragons float!!!! 

When the parade was over, everybody walked out of the Sambodromo to a beautiful sunset.
small selection of local art

We have been walking around a lot in Sãu Paulo to get the scope of the local art scene. As mentioned before pixação is higly abundant but there are definetely also bigger productions worth mentioning. Below are a few of them.


Work  in progress by Eduardo Kobra
Herbert Baglione 
Yet another confirmation on the positive attitude towards grafitti was the annual grafitti exhibition at a Museo Brasileiro de Escultura (MuBE). A museum mind you! Not just a gallery. A selection is shown below.

Here are some shots that illustrates quite well the amount of paint on most streets here.

Here are a few shots from when Lints painted with some of the local writers in one of the more poor areas.

Lints - Askim - Teor - Mo - Resto
Bucket paint is used a lot for fills as spraypaint is quite expensive here.
And Chandler