Summer Sun...

Sun has really been burning down the last few days. For the first time in my life i've been sunburned on my hands because of being on a bike all day... That a side I've been very busy this weekend. I had the pleasure of having some good friends from Dublin swinging by. We got a lot of posters up around town and a few other bits and bobs...Have a look under the photos section.

Thanks to I Love Lamp & Splink for a great and productive weekend!

This was also the weekend where the " Street " exhibition opened. You can have a look below the two installations i did for the show:

First one:

And second one:

Both installations are 215 x 121 cm each.

In other news, I got a text from one of my friends in Dublin a while ago. He told me that i was on the frontpage of the Irish Tribune Magazine!?!? Seemed a bit odd? Apperently the mistress of Ballydung Manor needed a bit of street cred...