Elder 2.0

A couple of years ago i released a print...
When printing these there was a couple of small errors due to the paper type and ink. 
So on a few of the prints, tiny bits where not filled properly in the black square. 
These of course never went on sale but i decided to keep them, thinking that they were nearly perfect so maybe i could use them for something later on.

Well later on is right about now.

I nearly forgot about these, but recently i found them again and decided to do something with them.

I've taken the 15 i had and touched them up.

Each is uniquely hand-coloured with spraypaint, markers and acrylics.
Each is coloured with 3 colours and none of the 15 has the same colour-scheme so each one is one of a kind.

There's 10 in matt colours (coloured with Mtn94)
There's 5 in glossy colours (coloured with Mtn Hardcore2)

They're set at 50€ each and that includes post and packaging.
I'll put them up this sunday on my site at 12.00 (danish time)

The print measures 20 x 16 inches / 50.8 x 40.64 cm
and is printed on 300 gsm acrylics paper...

Signed and numbered 1/1

The original one can be viewed here: