Recent Projects...Long overdue...Part 1.

Long time...No update...
Will try quickly and get you up to speed on what i've been doing lately...

So first off, is a project i did at Råhuset together with my good friend Bizk.

He painted one room and i painted the other:

Getting started...

~Bizk's part~


I did a project together with my good friend Henrik Dybdahl.
The project is about feeding the birds of Copenhagen.
It's done as a part of Byens Hegn.


I was invited to a little town called Glamsbjerg on the isle of Fyn.
The idea was to paint three walls at their Gymnasium together with some of the students.


Glamsbjerg Hotel.


Getting started...

Some of the students sketching their own ideas for painting the next day...

Finished up during the night, got some local treats and listened to 90's Hiphop in a class room...

 Some of the students working on their own stuff.

Big up to Elizabeth & Marie-Loiuse for getting this sorted out,
and to all the students who attended!

...More Soon...