Copenhagen > Dublin

Recently I got home from a bit of travelling. 
First off we went to Dublin for a bit...
Got to see a good bit of new stuff around the city, and of course spent some time with familiar faces.
As always too little time...

A familiar yet bigger face.


Went for a walk around town and saw some of the new murals.
Most of them from the Roadworks event, which was part of the Dublin Contempoary 2011...
But the where a few other things aswell.
Conor Harrington



Conor Harrington


Installation by fellow Nom Nom's: Askim & I Love Lamp


Revok by Rime



Went by "The Thomas Bar" to discuss a wall to paint.
My good friend I Love Lamp made these tables for the bar and was kind enough to include a few of my designs. 
Photos doesn't do them justice: 

And to finish the day off...


My good friend Loki has these two new prints available:


Went by The Tivoli to meet up with my good friends from the MSO Crew.
Got to paint a bit and see some good stuff:





Wall in the making...Phats doing his thing.


The next day i painted at The Thomas House.
A rushed job which only got done minuttes before jumping on a taxi and going to the airport:

Played around with old school stencils...

The wall i painted at The Thomas House.
A pretty narrow space and unfortunately i didn't have the time to get proper photos...

The finished production with the good guys from MSO!
SCIE, PHATS, MYNE and myself...

A short but nice trip to Dublin...

...and off to Barcelona