Busy week...

Last week was a bit busy for me, a lot of good things went down...
But it's nice to have a bit of a breather now, sit indoors while it's pouring down, zipping a cup of coffee...
...enough babbling...


For the last period of time, i've been working on my exhibition "Throwing Shapes" 
It was nice to finally get the pieces up on the walls of
Mohs Exhibit and open up shop! 
A big thank you to Morten Hemmingsen for putting on the exhibition and of course to all the people who showed up...!

More pictures of the pieces to come...


Friday was another "f13"...


Basco5Mormor, Myself and Henrik & Magnus from Helvetikat went to Albertslund to do a wall at the local Library (Albertslund Bibliotek). The idea was to do a collaborative work on a 16 x 3 m wall in the library only using chalk.  
None of us had really worked with chalk before, so we were surprised to see how smooth it all went down.

Big up to Magnus and Henrik (Helvetikat) for the concept and inviting me along! The people at Albertslund Bibliotek! My fellow chalkateers and Mette, Mimmi, Maria & Dea for the company!

 Setting up...



Exhibited work...

Photos for stitching begins...

Stitched image courtesy of: Helvetikat

Henrik and Magnus also made this nice little time lapse:


Later that day also saw the opening of this year's Skateistan. I was ment to paint there after i came back from Albertslund, but unfortunately the weather put a stop to that. 
That aside i was very happy to get invited to paint a board for their charity auction.

You can learn more about Skateistan here and follow the auction here.
Big up to Uggi and the rest of the Skateistan crew!

Sunday was the 8th year anniversary of Copenhagen's nr. 1 skateshop "Sidewalk".
It was also the reopening of the "Danger" spot on Enghaveplads.
I was asked to do a skateboard to celebrate their birthday! 

Happy Birthday SideWalk!!!